Translating brand IP into contextual copy and creative

Professional background

Biznews Connect is a small communications consultancy focussed on driving business and sales through ongoing publicity and content marketing.  It ensures that its clients have consistent presence in niche media segments across social media, online, print, TV and radio. Biznews Connect links companies, brands, individual profiles and services with journalists, editors, consumers, online communities and niche audiences. 

Biznews Connect’s experience provides the expertise to translate corporate communication objectives into a proactive, innovative and structured marketing communications plan. It strives to deliver favourable publicity opportunities from which clients can communicate to specific key audiences and stakeholders through opinions, news, interviews and mainstream exposure.

Sector Footprint


Over the past 15 years, services have been commissioned by leading brands including:

Business Sector

  • The Core Group: DJI
  • Steve Jobs Schools
  • Collective ID (WPP Group)
  • Enterprise IG (WPP Group)
  • Tiger Brands
  • ZTE Mobile
  • President: European Patent Office
  • Digital Solutions Group
  • Primedia Unlimited
  • APEX Awards

Clinical Sector

  • Adcock Ingram
  • Merck Pharmaceuticals
  • Digital Dentistry Society SA
  • Thinc Clinic
  • Bryanston Dental
  • Longbeach Dental
  • Kloof Family Dental
  • Tanyard & Golding Dental UK
To name a few. 
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